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New products 2017/II

New Products 2017/II (Autumn)

Systematic innovation – the new item products for Autumn 2017.

Discover all the new components from item. The latest New Products Catalogue offers innovative solution on more than 50 pages. The catalogue is available as a practical download or a classic hard copy.

MB Building Kit System

Faster opening! The new, lightweight Latch offers a secure and convenient means of opening and closing doors. More new products: The easy to install Cover Profile 8 K/Al and the compact Stacking Guide 8 St 80x80-30° that makes sure everything slots neatly into place.

Find here all the details about the new products of the MB building kit system

Automation System

Really simple! As an online tool, item MotionDesigner® is always up to date and automatically takes into account all the components needed for your transport task. To assist with further planning, MotionDesigner® also generates a custom CAD model for your item linear motion unit® that you can also use in engineering processes


Lean Production Building Kit System

New flexibility! The new LCA components are the perfect parts for Karakuri/low-cost automation applications.


More new products: The Profile Tube D30-45° heavy duty features twice as many grooves as a standard Profile Tube and the new Guide Rail z Al is a torsion-resistant railing that can be mounted directly to the frame. Discover all new components of the Lean Production Building Kit System

Work Bench System

More choice! The new Groove Plate Profile combines the advantages of a panel element and a profile in one.

More new products: The new holder components that don’t require screws and item table tops with a top-quality finish that can be ordered in any size you need.

See detailed information about the new products here>>